Worldwide partnership

RobPay offers you to become a member of our partnership programm.

Interaction procedure

Options for the connection to the system:

To inform the company RobPay by e-mail, phone or SKYPE about your client who is interested in the connection of the system to specify the details of the person responsible for deciding on the connection to the service.

To place the banner of the system RobPay on your website. After the changeover, the client automatically obtains your partner’s ID. If after the changeover the client has applied for the connection, you start to earn!

Your access to endless possibilities.
Join us and become a unique payment business partner ecosystems.

Cooperation with professional partners is one of the key factors of intensive growth of RobPay. It is extremely important for us that our partners receive first-class customer and technical support, and work in well-defined conditions that provide a stable business platform and opportunities for the development and expansion of the boundaries of cooperation.

Our partners can be both individuals and legal entities!

We take the needs of our partners seriously and offer customized services and special conditions that meet the plans of the partner and his business model.

Earn money with RobPay getting rewards for attracted customers.

How it works?

  • You enter into an Agency agreement with RobPay and become an Agent;
  • The agent advises and connects Internet services to the system: conducts negotiations, coordinates commercial terms, helps to prepare a package of documents for verification;
  • RobPay provides support to the Agent, informing about current tariffs, contracts and new services, answers questions;
  • RobPay transfers the Commission for Internet services to the Agent on a monthly basis*.

RobPay Advantages

  • Organization of mass payments to cards, wallets and mobile phone accounts of EU residents
  • Ability to get a reduced rate due to the balance of payments and payments
  • Easy and convenient integration

* The size of the Agency Commission is 25% of the monthly profit of RobPay on the attracted Internet service when connecting customers on standard terms and 50% when selling the service at rates higher than standard.

The Commission is transferred to the agent's account in EUR currency. If the fee is not less than EUR 1000, the transfer is made monthly. If the amount of the Agency fee is less, the agent shall pay the cost of the payment order or the amount shall be transferred upon reaching 1000 EUR.

If you are ready to become an agent, please contact us:
We will be glad to cooperate!


Attractive terms for cooperation


Twenty-four-hour support

Detailed information about special offers

About all special offers of the company in the agreements, tariffs and technical documentation

Percent of clients turnover

Percent of client’s turnover (interest rate is available or to be discussed upon the connection of the client)