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RobPay offers VISA debit cards

Payment cards – it is a way to safely keep your funds and the opportunity to have a continuous access to them. RobPay offers the payment cards to be used easily and conveniently to make purchases, to book hotel or plane tickets on the internet.

VISA plastic cards

Such cards can be used for payment of salaries to employees as well as bonuses and premiums. It is possible to indicate not only the name and surname of the card holder on the card but also the name of your company and other (any) name.

VISA virtual payment card

Virtual card – the most convenient way to pay for goods and services not leaving home.

RobPay offers the highest level of protection as the card exists only in virtual environment, its user is protected from unwanted leak of data. Unlimited payment possibilities – virtual card allows to make purchases in any place worldwide where internet access is.


It is required for order to submit a passport copy and confirmation of a place of residence (it may be any account indicating an address and name of a future card holder).

  • Within Europe up to 3 business days

For detailed information on the terms and rates, please contact our specialists.